The program for cleaning the registry is among the important system tools that help keep your computer in good condition. The registry is one of the parts of the operating system that can significantly affect the speed of a computer. The operating system and the programs installed in it often access the system registry (every second), so it is important to keep it clean. In the process of using a computer, the registry will inevitably be clogged due to the fact that programs do not clean up trash during their removal from the system and leave many entries in the registry.

Before you clean the registry, the program will scan it and identify possible problems. Now you will probably be prompted to back up the registry or create a restore point, and this is a very important step! Even despite the fact that almost all programs are optimized in such a way as not to harm the computer, no one is immune from errors, and it is better to save a backup of the registry, which can be restored later. This or that registry cleaner for Windows 7 free 64 bit provides not only registry cleaning, but also some additional, but also very important functions. Among the additions may be registry defragmentation, system optimization by changing registry settings, registry compression and some others. Consider some of them.

Windows 7 cleaner freeware: Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner is Windows 7 memory cleaner free program and it is real expert in speeding up your computer by fixing registry errors and defragmenting it. With this program, you can scan your registry and mark unused or damaged entries, as well as show the name and value of each of these entries. And Wise Registry Cleaner is also free ram cleaner Windows 8. It can easily determine which of these values ​​are dangerous to delete and which are not. Thus, before the optimization process, you will be asked to decide which registry values ​​to delete and which to leave intact. Of course, for more security, before starting scanning and optimization, a backup copy of the registry will be made – just in case.
Advantages of this free cleaner software for Windows 10:

  • the ability to quickly clean the computer from unnecessary files;
  • the ability to defragment the registry;
  • availability of a fast scanner;
  • the ability to create a backup point to restore the past state of the registry;
  • the ability to customize scheduled scans;
  • the presence of the function of eliminating registry errors;
  • 3 types of registry scan (normal, safe and deep);
  • the ability to optimize system settings to improve performance;
  • support 32 and 64-bit OS;
  • the ability to add any files to the list of exceptions.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is powerful registry cleaner Windows 8 free program. Qualitatively cleans the registry of unnecessary files and links to them, and also fixes all sorts of errors. Registry errors lead to slow system performance and instability. The Windows registry is a database that stores Windows settings, program data that you install on your computer, hardware information, browser settings, etc. This free cleaner software for Windows 7 accesses the registry thousands of times per minute. When programs are deleted, files and links can remain in the registry, and if the registry is not cleaned, over time a huge “mountain of garbage” will form there.

There are a lot of utilities for cleaning the registry at the moment, but not many of them have good performance and are also absolutely free. Some users call Auslogics Registry Cleaner best Windows 7 registry cleaner free. It is designed to completely clean and restores the Windows registry and you can use it freely as it is free software. The quality of this registry repair tool is guaranteed by a long history of Auslogics Software.

Windows 7 startup cleaner freeware

Usually, these junk files appear as the result of frequent uninstallation of programs or they are temporary Internet files. It is desirable that these files are deleted from the system from time to time, as over time, they occupy a significant place on the hard drives of the computer and complicate the operation of the system, as a consequence, reduce its speed. Periodic cleaning of Windows and the registry speeds up the download speed by 35-45%, and the speed of work – about 10%. Features of wise registry cleaner Windows 10 free software to improve computer performance:

  • Cleaning Windows – deletes temporary files and recent objects from memory, thumbnail cache, shortcuts, freeing dump files, file fragments, logs, and unused shortcuts.
  • Function of memory cleaner for Windows 10 free – delete Internet cache, logs of visited sites, download history, cookies, sessions, freeing memory occupied by applications.
  • Registry Cleanup – scanning and fixing errors related to invalid file extensions and installer entries, missing applications, and OS services.
  • Troubleshoot problems with ActiveX, application paths, autoload, and temporary files.
  • General service for improving Windows performance – removing programs, managing autoload, analyzing disks, searching for duplicate files, erasing disks, restoring systems.

This is an approximate set of basic functions available in all PC cleaners. Each program has its own features and capabilities.