An important point for a stable and uninterrupted operation of the operating system, as well as all the programs in it is to maintain order in the system registry. It should be noted that the registry is clogged without the user’s knowledge, and it happens with simple and standard manipulations. The program Ashampoo Registry Cleaner is able to quickly clean up the registry of useless entries that appear every day in the process, and remain after the removal of programs. Surely every user remembers how quickly his new computer worked. To return it to its speed, you must use the Ashampoo Registry Cleaner application to clean the registry.

Initially, it is necessary to deal with what the registry is and with its purpose. In fact, this is a database that stores information about available devices, settings, installed utilities, and PC user accounts. In addition, the registry saves the system startup settings, file associations, and more. The user does not need to constantly enter the registry, since all adjustments occur in it automatically. Only Windows OS uses the registry in its work. This happens in all editions of the system. In just a second, a huge number of registry entries can be performed.

The registry is a replacement for the set of previously used INI files, startup files, and others. You can independently assess the scale of the PC registry. To do this, enter the Regedit command in the search box in the “Start”. But adjustments are not necessary.

Surely, everyone understood the need for the registry and its importance for proper and stable operation of the operating system and the installed utilities. Therefore, it is desirable to sometimes back up the registry. After some time in the registry a lot of garbage is collected, from which most of it appears after installation and the elimination of software.

By obtaining Ashampoo Registry Cleaner and introducing it on your PC, you rapidly and securely evacuate copy vault passages, harmed documents in it, and furthermore reestablish broken connections in the sections. Ashampoo Registry Cleaner continually backs up the foundation of the PC, so whenever you can reestablish the first condition of the Windows library. You will be astonished how rapidly and essentially Ashampoo Registry Cleaner will expand the execution of your PC. Ashampoo Registry Cleaner highlights:

  • Streamlined inquiry calculation
  • Completely programmed erasure of invalid sections
  • Pursuit library passages that influence client security
  • Constant reinforcement.

The advantages of the program:

  • Convenient interface.
  • Completely mechanized copy evacuation.

To run the application even in trial mode, you will need to register on the developer’s site. To do this, follow the prompts on the web page that will open immediately after installation. It is easy to manage the program – the main actions are performed using the taskbar located at the top of the utility, under it there is a tree of the studied components and the main application window.

To start the cleaning process, you need to select the Search icon, to access the registry copy management section, you must click the Backup copies button. Ashampoo Registry Cleaner trial period is 40 days. The cost of the full version is $ 14.99. We advise you not to rush to buy the application at the maximum cost. In practice, it turned out that several days after registration. The developers send a special offer with a 30% discount. Ashampu Registri Cleaner performed well as a result of testing and has good feedback from users. If you are confused by the presence of invalid keys in the registry, then using the hero of our review, you can easily get rid of them.

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