With constant use of the computer, its performance and stability may decrease, especially if you install many applications. If you do not regularly clean the system, you may notice the following negative effects:

  • Performance degradation
  • Crashes and program crashes
  • Lack of disk space
  • Pop-ups from adware

AVG TuneUp scans your computer and fixes detected problems, improves computer performance, cleans storage and removes unwanted programs and potential threats. Depending on the type of scan, AVG TuneUp detects the following problems:
Background programs and programs in autoload: applications installed on your PC often come with background services and processes, are written to autoload and execute scheduled tasks, even if the program is closed. AVG TuneUp detects such programs and performs PC optimization.

Unwanted programs: programs that were preinstalled on a PC or installed without the user’s knowledge. AVG TuneUp finds such applications, shows their rating and invites users to remove them.

Outdated programs: old non-updatable applications may pose security risks. AVG TuneUp scans such applications and automatically downloads and installs the necessary updates.
Problems with the Windows registry: registry errors can lead to failures and application errors. AVG TuneUp finds invalid registry keys, incorrect uninstaller entries and missing fonts.
Broken shortcuts: broken shortcuts remain when some programs are removed. AVG TuneUp removes the shortcuts for deleted applications on the desktop, in the Start menu and in the list of recently used applications.

Tracking and cookies: Many browsers use cookies to track activity and display relevant ads. AVG TuneUp removes these files to increase privacy and free up disk space.
Windows temporary files, programs, and cache: Windows programs create logs and temporary files that are stored on your PC. AVG TuneUp finds and removes logs, junk files and cache to free up disk space.


  • Defragments the hard disk;
  • Able to find and recover deleted files;
  • Stop running services and processes that reduce the speed of your computer;
  • Adjustment and optimization of browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox;
  • Remove duplicate files and unnecessary data;
  • Stop programs running in the background;
  • Analysis of logical drives for errors, quick troubleshooting;
  • Built-in manager for managing autoload.

AVG PC Tuneup will carry out high-quality cleaning and optimization of the personal computer system. Developers guarantee an increase in speed in browsers or when running any software. You will be able to return important information after an accidental deletion, get rid of temporary files, and also permanently delete data. Proper release of disk space is another priority for AUG PC Tanap. The software interacts well with Windows 7, 8 and 10. The interface is made available. It is possible to start the step by step wizard. Also, you can use the program in a compact mode. The main functions can be controlled using the icon located in the taskbar.

AVG PC TuneUp allows you to restore maximum performance of the operating system, games and programs. In addition, AVG PC TuneUp automatically starts important maintenance tasks, such as cleaning hard drives and the registry, which, if necessary, can also be started manually. System clutter and slow work will be a thing of the past. The AVG optimizer recognizes problems in the system and offers simple solutions. In addition, the program AVG PC TuneUp can be used to customize the design of the Windows operating system in accordance with personal needs.

AVG PC TuneUp ensures that your PC works by fixing any errors that cause crashes on your hard disk or in the registry. The program also contains tools for analyzing the status of the hard disk, as well as tools for cleaning and defragmenting the registry to help keep your system in good shape.

By applying all of the above, your computer will work more efficiently, and again you will be able to use the memory spent on extra or useless files. If you need a good application to keep your PC in a stable state, AVG PC TuneUp is one of the best options for you.

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