SlimCleaner Free is an application that allows you to perform system optimization, analyze installed software, manage your browser settings and perform various operations to increase computer performance. Using the application, you can check the registry and delete unnecessary keys, delete temporary files, check installed programs, defragment disks and set autorun settings. In addition, you can completely eliminate the objects and update the software.

How does the program work?

During the installation process, additional components are loaded, so you need to be constantly connected to the Internet. In the program menu there are several sections. Item Cleaner is designed to clean the registry and temporary files. Item Optimize is designed to control autorun. In the Software section you can see the rating of installed applications by users. The Browsers item displays the main browser settings. Through the Disk Tools tab, you can manage local drives. Windows Tools is designed to access basic system parameters. In the section Hijack log is an archive of the manipulations.

You can find the SlimCleaner Plus program online, which is an advanced version of the free edition and contains tools for working with power consumption, provides the ability to upload log files to the cloud storage and has some other components.

What you need to know about SlimCleaner Free

This is a universal system cleaner that allows you to get rid of invalid registry keys, conduct a revision of files and remove unnecessary data and duplicate objects. The program contains additional functions for optimizing a PC — an autorun manager, tools for defragmenting disks, and setting up installed web browsers (choosing a search base, managing plugins, and changing the home page). With this application, you can graphically display the layout of information on the disk, sort the folders by size and, if necessary, permanently eliminate data without the possibility of reanimation. The “highlight” of the program is a built-in software rating system, thanks to which you can familiarize yourself with the ratings of other users set for the installed software.

The utility has a simple one-window interface, all control units are divided into seven tabs. Slim Cleaner Free allows you to assign a convenient time to perform a given job using an integrated scheduler. Opportunities:

  • deletion of invalid registry keys;
  • cleaning of temporary and garbage objects;
  • analysis of information on disks;
  • management of the basic parameters of web browsers;
  • rating of installed software.

SlimCleaner conducts a comprehensive cleaning of the system and hard drives from various types of junk and temporary files, log files left by remote applications, as well as cleaning lists of recently used programs and documents. In addition, SlimCleaner has a built-in uninstaller that will help remove unnecessary applications and any files and registry entries that they can keep; the program also has a tool for completely erasing files from the hard disk, without the possibility of their recovery. With the SlimCleaner disk analyzer, you can quickly find out the size of all folders and files on your hard drive, and sort them by size. The program also has the OS Startup Manager and Active Process Manager.

The main feature of the utility is to support user ratings in the system optimization and uninstall tools, which guarantee a quick and accurate assessment of any common application (media player, office application, browser and antivirus software).

The application cleans the system from file junk, Windows temporary files, lists of recently opened documents and other unnecessary objects. Also, cleaning is carried out in folders used by Windows applications to store their own history logs. The SlimCleaner kit includes a utility to uninstall applications and a “shredder” to safely destroy files, folders, etc. It is possible to analyze the contents of the startup menu and interact with active services, as well as generate the Hijack Log, a detailed list of all toolbars, browser “helpers”, ActiveX plug-ins and other objects of secondary importance installed in the system. Using the proposed tools, users will be able to achieve the maximum productive work of the system.

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