TweakNow RegCleaner is a free and simple utility that allows you to get rid of unnecessary entries in the registry. It can create backup copies of data, which is useful in case you have deleted important files and want to return them.

Features of TweakNow RegCleaner:

  • Work in the background;
  • Convenient notification system;
  • Frees computer from garbage;
  • Cleaning and optimizing the Windows registry;
  • Useful backup feature;
  • Displays available problem records;
  • Finds and removes programs and file associations;
  • Providing detailed information about your OS;
  • Automatically scan and defragment the registry;
  • Cleaning of cache and cookies in browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.

TweakNow RegCleaner allows you to scan the registry for incorrect and outdated entries that inevitably appear over time in the system and slow down Windows. The registry itself is a kind of center of knowledge of the system, because it contains all its settings, ranging from the appearance and behavior of Windows to the configuration of installed programs. The vast majority of external programs store their settings and data in the registry, each installation is accompanied by new entries in the registry, but when you delete applications, it is not always possible to clear this data, especially if special programs are not used – uninstallers. Thus, over time, the registry grows in size, saving unnecessary records and settings of remote programs. And the search for the desired record in these volumes is becoming more and more difficult for the system. That is why it is recommended to periodically check the registry and clean it with special programs. TweakNow RegCleaner is considered one of the best in this class.

The TweakNow RegCleaner job is quite fast and accurate using its own algorithms. To increase security, backup copies or rollback points to the previous state are created.
Function “Analysis of disk space”

If deleting temporary files did not help, then you can use a special tool – analysis of disk space usage. With this feature you can see which folders or files occupy the most space on the disk. Such information will be very useful if you want to free up additional disk space.

Startup Manager Feature

If the operating system began to load and slow down for a long time, you should use the Startup Manager. With this feature, the program TweakNow RegCleaner can be removed from startup unnecessary programs that inhibit the download. You can also add additional programs if required by the user.

Registry Defragmenter

Due to the peculiarities of storing files on a disk, one file can physically be located in different places on the disk. This phenomenon can affect the speed of the system, especially if it is the registry files. In order to collect all the pieces of files in one place, you must use the registry defragmentation function. With this feature, TweakNow RegCleaner will analyze the registry files and collect them in one place.

In addition to cleaning the registry, TweakNow RegCleaner allows you to defragment the registry, analyze and clean disks, remove private information, including the results of Internet surfing, clean temporary folders of web browsers from being tracked on the Internet and uninstall programs directly from the interface TweakNow RegCleaner.

When using programs that perform automatic cleaning of the registry, as well as deleting unnecessary files left over from surfing the Internet, as well as incorrect removal of other programs or other data, remember that there is always the likelihood of losing the necessary files, despite the fact that manufacturers constantly improve the algorithms for determining the correct files and records. Therefore, it is recommended that before starting such programs, backup the necessary files, data and system state so that in case of unstable operation it is possible to restore the system and data to the previous state.

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